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About a year ago to the date I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a diagnosis I did not want to accept, or deal with.

It was too heartbreaking to much to understand. But after seeing many doctors and specialists and a final specialist yesterday, I do in fact have Fibromyalgia and have to start making some changes so I am in less pain.

My sleep has to get under control, I have to start getting eight to nine of hours of sleep instead of the three hours a night I am getting a night for the past year. A few things I learned I can do to change my sleep patterns, no t,v. at night, it doesn’t help you sleep, even if you think it does, no caffeine at night, really shouldn’t be drinking caffeine at all, a better bed, a good bed the best bed I can get for the body I have, and a good sleep environment, exercise, and no naps.

I am afraid even after I make all these changes I may still not sleep, I am going to make all these changes and with a positive attitude, I just really hope it works.

My body really hurts today from being checked and tested yesterday, watching the Cary Grant marathon on TCM right now.

To anyone in pain, you are not alone.