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Lyme disease is why I am up again at 230am racked with pain, I am herxing right now, my LLMD is putting me on Pinella Brain Nerve Cleanse and Burbur to help with herxing reaction. I am soon to start Salmento or also known at Cat’s Claw drops and also Enula.

Right now I am also taking Mastic Gum, Digestive Enzymes, Metanax, GI Food Powder by Metagenics and Probiotic powder, Primal Defense by Garden of Life and Bennotine Clay. Some of that stuff is also for my MTHFR gene variant mutation and some is for my leaky gut protocol and then some is for Lyme disease treatment.

My Mom is currently receiving IV treatments for her IgG deficiency due to her Lyme disease and we were talking to her nurse and she has so many patients and they all have Lyme disease. And I said excuse my language, but, Lyme disease is a B*tch!

I see how and what it has done to my family emotionally, physically and financially, and to people we know. A guy we know has shelled probably hundreds of thousands of dollars for his treatments with his LLMD.

I myself have widespread pain all over my body and now even have degenerative disc disease much to early in life and arthritis in my facet joints in my back as well.

A friend of mine with Lyme also has DDD. Same age as me.

A positive of the disease it makes you appreciate the good days so much more, and your loved ones and close ones. You appreciate the little things and do not take things for granted as much.

I dedicate this post to all those suffering from Lyme or those who know someone with Lyme.~