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Currently watching the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 with my Dad, we have seen all the episodes of the show, but, we are obsessed just slightly and re watch quite a bit on Netflix.

Tonight I am supposed to stop one of my prescriptions for my Fibromyalgia and start taking Ambien instead. They (meaning the doctors, right now the rheumatologist) is trying to get me to sleep at least 8-9 hours every night and to not wake in crucial pain every morning.

My Lyme treatment now includes activated charcoal capsules every six hours for the herxing. And Burbur and Pinella Brain Nerve Cleanse as well for herxing. Soon I will be starting Salmento also known as Cat’s Claw and Enul.

My White Blood Cell Count definitely shows that i’m infected.

I am just very thankful I am on good treatment right now and it is working.

Dad and I out a morning walk. =)DSCN7776