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Haven’t had a chance to write on here in quite some time.  Right now my boyfriend is very ill and also has Lyme disease.  We are seeking treating for him as well right now.  His Western Blot came back positive and he is quite ill right now.

My bone pain has gotten so much more worse, no matter how much Vitamin D3 I take my levels just do not come up.  Going to write my LLMD soon and find out what else we can do.  New problem is my knees, the bones and joints in my knees and the shine bones in my legs.  The pain is absolutely excruciating.

Some of my recent blood work and urine results are showing that I have elevated cells in my bone marrow so I will be talking to my physicians tomorrow about that.

Right now I am doing burbur and pinella drops for my Lyme disease treatment and have started to take a form of Move Free joint medication to help with my knees.

I recently last week had to go to my cardiologist and get an echocardiogram done again because I had four EKGs during my celluitis battle that came back tackycardhia.  So far the only thing I am dealing with is a partly enlarged heart. But my cardiologist is not to Lyme knowledegable so I am going to get a referrale from my LLMD.


Because in a year’s time I went from having to wear heart monitors at home for bradycardia with a heart rate in the 20s to 30s to a steady heart rate now always in the 140s and my blood pressure is going up, I know its the Lyme doing it I just want to see if there is anything that can be done about it.

Well my midnight black cat just showed up on my legs, telling me its time for bed. Have to do a little paperwork then off to bed.


Wishes of health and peace and light to all!