When you are bitten by a tick, or fleas, or mosquitoes or whatever has caused your Lyme infection, it is likely you have a co-infection. There are many a tick alone can carry in one bite. One tick bite I had, I had the tick analyzed and the tick was severely infected.

“Bartonella is a bacteria with about 28 different sub-species, including Cat Scratch Fever. Gradual onset of initial illness is common. Symptoms can differ depending on which side of the country you live. On the West Coast, Bartonella causes a multitude of symptoms. The bottoms of feet are painful, burning, and/or numb. Pain and swelling in the joints, specifically, and pain in general are common. These symptoms can migrate from joint to joint. The pain is severe. Lymph glands can swell. Gastrointestinal symptoms can be severe, including painful cramping, persistent nausea with vomiting, weight loss, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Headaches are severe and begin in the back of the head and travel to the front. Mood changes can also be severe, including depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Changes white matter of the brain can show up on SPEC scan, and the changes correlate with these symptoms. Cognitive problems include brain fog, loss of concentration, and memory loss. Sleep can be significantly disrupted. Inflammation of the vascular system occurs, leading, to possible blood clots and cardio vascular issues. There is a rapid release of symptoms if treatment is ended too soon. Patients described the pain in their joints as, “I feel like my hips are breaking.””

“Babesia is a parasite that burrows into the red blood cells and is typically found with Bartnollea. Usually, there is an abrupt onset of symptoms with the initial illness, including severe, drenching sweats, especially at night. Fatigue, global headaches, air hunger or shortness of breath, and increased heart rate that is noticeable, heat and cold intolerance, cough, and hypercoagulability are hallmarks of Babesia. Pain is less severe than with other infections. Mood and cognitive symptoms are severe. Sleep is disruptive and frequent waking occurs. Since it is a parasite, typical Lyme treatment produces NO response. Babesia infections can intensify Lyme symptoms. Severe depression with suicidal ideation and or/or severe agitation is common.”


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