Seizures, Movies, and Wish List

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote on my blog.

I now have had five seizures in the past two months. I also bought an original Nintendo but need to buy an adapter so I can hook it up to my smart t.v.

Games really do take my mind off of this disease. So do movies. Today I started watching on Netflix with L.L. Cool J “Last Holiday” it is a sweet movie, not his typical role.

I was remembering “A Walk to Remember” today as I read an article online today about a 22-year-old who took her own life after suffering in silence with chronic Lyme disease. Jamie the character played by Mandy Moore had sort of a wish list or a bucket list before she died from cancer and I am planning on creating one for myself.

One thing I know I want to do is get my Bachelor’s. And be able to hand that degree to my parents and my boyfriend. They have been there for me through everything the ups and all the downs. I want to make them proud of me.

I am going to Southern New Hampshire University and majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration on Natural Resources.

My course start the next term in about two weeks, and I am really excited!!!

I am taking 500mg of Depakote Extended Release for my seizures at night, it makes me very sleepy and tired. I have gotten a little more use to medicine but every day am afraid that I am going to have another seizure. I have lost a good part of my memory due to them. The longest one lasted over five minutes when my boyfriend was here, his brother had seizures for a time so he knew how to position me and what to do next. It was all very frightening and I slept for a long time afterwards after seeing the doctor.

Another thing I would like to add to my wish list is to lose all the weight I gained after getting sick and taking all these medications. I have a special instagram page for it and twitter page for it. I am attempting to lose a one-hundred pounds to get back to my normal weight of 125lbs.

Despite my recent health challenges I have been going to the gym when I can, going swimming in their heated therapy pool, taking yoga and do yoga at home. I set up a yoga space in my room. A place to stretch and meditate and reflect.

Thursday I am signed up for Yoga1 at my gym in the evening. I am hoping I can last the full hour. But if not I will accept what I am able to do.

Friday my boyfriend may be able to come up from Virginia to Maryland where I live and that will make it two weeks since I have seen him, so I am very excited about that.

I dedicate all my prayers tonight to the family of the young girl who took her life due to Lyme. May she be pain free now and with God.




Dad’s 68th, The Art of Flight, Pain of Lyme


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Today is my Dad’s 68th Birthday. We are currently watching The Walking Dead, just ate fresh grilled burgers, homemade fries, and baked beans. One of my Dad’s favorite meals.

Earlier this evening I watched the documentary The Art of Flight. A wonderful film but a group of extreme snowboarders, a group of talented men who soar thru the air. Just like surfing it looks so peaceful and painless. So much and so many of my days are filled with pain that I would love to be I their bodies experiencing those flightless moments.

One of the may Lyme and fibro books I am reading right now is “Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease” by, Richard I. Horowitz, MD

A great book.

I am currently taking Enula for the babesia co-infection but it is giving my psychological side effects and extreme pain side effects, so I was taking it every day, the every other day, now its going to be every three days, adding in the cat’s claw slowly and keeping up with the daily detox of activated charcoal, Pinella and burbur.

I am also still taking everything for my leaky gut, digestive enzymes, mastic gum, GI food medical powder, probiotic pills and powder.

A physical therapist is coming to my house twice a week now and everyone thought I needed a nurse so the order was just put in for that.

The most painful thing emotionally lately has been to start wearing depends because of my IC. It is so painful feeling like your bladder is infected all the time.

I dedicate this post to all the lyme disease patients and their families.